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Love The Hunger Games, and love the game of Minecraft too? Have you spent hours thinking about what your arena would look like if you were a Gamemaker, and could build it yourself? Now you can by logging into your Aim2Game Minecraft server and using the one click installer to install the newest Hunger Game plugin we offer.

What does the game allow you to do besides build the ultimate arena, and the ultimate challenge? You can create not just one game, but multiple games and you can freeze players as they join and leave the game, and it even lets you kick them out if you want. You truly are the Gamemaker, and this one is all in your hands. But it’s not just the role of the creator you’re taking on, you can also play the protector, acting as a sponsor to other players and giving them gifts and treasures when they need them the most.

To start taking on the role of your favorite tribute or Capitol resident, start playing Minecraft with Aim2Game today if you haven’t already; and make sure you sign up for at least the Stone package – that’s where you’ll get the highest quality performance with this mod. Next, simply contact our support team to get the free plugin and start playing in the arena you’ve been seeing in your head for years now.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and start playing today!

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