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It’s very unfortunate when you lose important data, whether it’s pictures, videos or Minecraft worlds. It’s especially painful when it’s been multiple months or even years of your life. There are many potential points of failure in Minecraft server hosting, let’s go over a few:

  1. Minecraft has the potential to corrupt the world for you.
  2. Java, Software, Mods, Plugins, etc., all have the potential to corrupt your worlds.
  3. Hardware CAN fail, and by its very nature eventually does.
  4. People make mistakes regardless of what processes are in place to limit said mistakes.
  5. Malicious users can take over your server.

That’s 5 potential ways you can lose your server, if you notice none of these things involve the server owner doing something wrong. The only defense against these potential failure points is good backups.  Please, please, please – if you have a server, do regular backups. We understand this can be a daunting task, especially if you’re running a popular server with very large world files.

Q. How do I do backups on my server?

A. The easiest way is simply to use our game panel; you can stop your Minecraft server, select all of your files and create a Zip of them. Then you would download the Zip, verify you can open it and delete the Zip from the server. Alternatively you can submit a support ticket 24/7 and we will make a backup for you that you can download.

Q. Why don’t you have automated backups of my data already?

A. We have experimented with many automated backup solutions on our servers, at this time they all still cause world corruption because they are running outside of Minecraft. Because of this we do not guarantee any backups of your data, we can however do a backup for you any time you ask. The process involves shutting down your Minecraft server, doing the backup, and then starting it back up.

Q. Can I run a plugin that does automated backups for me?

A. Yes! And many of our users do this already. There are challenges however when you get very large world files, and unfortunately the only solution that exists there is still to do manual backups via support ticket.

Q. My world file is very large and the backup is difficult for me to download, what are my options?

A. In these situations we will recommend that the Minecraft server be moved to a dedicated server, where you can have a separate hard-drive installed to store your backups on.

If issues DO arise, we try our hardest, within realistic parameters, to make it right for you – even when it’s something that’s occurred out of our hands. And if it was something that was out of our hands, we take measures to ensure that whatever made it occur, is changed, and is better going forward.

At Aim2Game, we’re very transparent about the following:

  • All Minecraft services do not have automated backups. Upon request, we can either take a backup that you can download yourself, or we can show you how to take regular backups yourself. For large world files special consideration must be made so a support ticket is likely required.
  • It is the server owner’s obligation to take responsibility for their own backups.

If you need any help formulating a backup plan, please contact us today through the client portal. Aim2Game’s most valuable asset is the family of servers we’ve built up over the years – and we want what’s best for you guys. Backing up your data helps protect your hard work.