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Aim2Game to Power SourceTV for LAN ETS Montreal 2012 Posted by

Aim2Game has just launched and we’re already getting involved in the community. This weekend, over 30 teams have made their way to Montreal to compete at the LAN ETS 2012 event. Some of the best gamers in North America have traveled hours upon hours to get their shot to play. While the weekend will be action packed, Aim2Game has made it possible for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Aim2Game offers the best servers for the best prices in the industry, but we don’t stop there. We’ve teamed up with ESEA News and will be providing SourceTV’s for the Counter-Strike:Source event at LAN ETS, allowing you to follow the action throughout the whole tournament.

To find out about when your favorite teams will play, and which SourceTV’s to connect to, simply head over to The event will start around 8pm EDT tonight, practice and tomorrow morning for tournament play.