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Aim2Game powers Darkly Gaming Posted by

You can always count on us to have exciting things happening and just weeks after our official launch, we have huge news! We have just partnered with Darkly Gaming, who have been one of the best in the gaming business’ since they were established in 2003. That means that now when you play with us, you get even more than you ever did before!

You’ll still get all the updates and news through Darkly Gaming, or us; and you can still continue to come here to take advantage of the best gaming servers in the industry and some of our best features, like our superior Minecraft quality. And, we’re still running all of our great discounts and limited time offers, too. Nothing has changed. With the exception that we’ve joined with one of the best online gaming resources to make sure that you are truly getting the best game experience.

Darkly Gaming has deep roots in the game of Counter-Strike and after becoming experts on the subject, they expanded into some of the other most popular online games out there. Those are the same games that we here at Aim2Game also know like the back of our hands, and they’re one of the reasons why this partnership is going to make your gaming experience so much better – because it’s being handled by experts in the business, and in the games!

If you haven’t yet, make sure you try our servers out at Aim2Game. They’re the best in the industry because they’re the fastest in the industry; and when you’re in the middle of battle, there’s little that matters more. And if you’ve been one of our customers since our launch, hang onto your seats! Now that we’ve partnered with Darkly Gaming, it only gets better from here!

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