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Game Server Locations Announced Posted by

You’ve heard about all the great games that we have, and you may have even read through the fantastic prices we offer them at. But where can you get instant access to these fantastic games?

We have tons of locations and many of them have been available right from our launch. Don’t see your city on the launch list? Don’t worry, we have tons more coming, and they’re going to be located all around the globe; because we don’t want one player to miss out on the action.

Locations available March 5th:
• New York, New York, USA
• Chicago Illinois, USA
• Dallas, Texas, USA
• Seattle, Washington, USA
• Los Angeles, California, USA
• Toronto, Ontario, Canada
• London, England, United Kingdom

Locations coming soon:
• Montreal, Quebec, Canada
• Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
• Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Paris, France
• Madrid, Spain
• Copenhagen, Denmark
• Frankfurt, Germany
• Milan, Italy
• Warsaw, Poland
• Moscow, Russia
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
• Tokyo, Japan
• South Korea, Korea
• Cape Town, South Africa
• Johannesburg, South Africa
• Sydney, Australia
• Adelaide, Australia
• Auckland, New Zealand

You don’t want to miss out on any of the action and you don’t have to! We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure the most serious players always have access, no matter where they are. And not only do we have tons of locations, but we also have the fastest gaming servers in the industry.

When you have resources like that, they tend to be in demand and that’s why we’ve included tons of opening cities at launch, lots more coming soon, and we’re always looking to expand too. All gamers deserve the best gaming experience. If you’re tired of searching for it, contact us today to find out how you can get started with the best games at the best prices, and in the finest locations too!