Aim2Game offers the highest available performance quality on all game servers – unlike anyone else. We have locations throughout US and UK, so you are covered worldwide. Server locations are constantly being added to our already impressive list.

Instant Activation/Upgrades

You shouldn’t have to wait to play – Sign up, pick a service, pay, and your server will be ready within seconds! You should just have to worry about the easy stuff, we’ll take care of the rest for you!

Mod Pack Support/Installer

Looking for a mod pack to up your game? We’ve got an automated, 1 click mod pack installer packed with 50+ mod packs for you to enjoy! Don’t see the one you want on the list? Send us a support ticket and we’ll get it installed for you!

99.9% Uptime Guaruntee!

You shouldn’t have to worry if your server will be up or down the next time you try to log in. Our server nodes are monitored, 24×7, so that we can be proactive to issues that may arise, rather than reactive issues that may impact your playability.

Full FTP/Custom JAR Access

Want to upload a new map, mod pack, plugins, or more? No worries! We offer full FTP access to you guys so you can run the server the way you want. Have a custom JAR? That’s no problem! Our command line management tool makes it easy for you to set the JAR you want!

24x7 Support

If an issue DOES arise, we don’t want you to have to wait to get your issue resolved. This is why we watch the support queue, live chat messages, and Twitter 24×7 to ensure you are put where you belong, first.

Location, Location, Location

East coaster? We’ve got nodes for you in NY. How about the West? Check our our LA node! Smack dab in the middle? Good ol’ Kansas City has you covered. And finally – if you’re in the UK or Europe? London has been specially setup with you in mind!

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The Community

Aim2game have fast, amazing, and friendly server support, non laggy servers, easy setup, and a good website. i would highly recommend Aim2game to any people looking for kinda cheap and simple hosting.

CrazyCanine, Current Aim2Game Client

By far the best server out there for the cost. Ticket response time is just great and they always strive to make things right.

Alan, Former A2G Client

For the record, this marks the 3rd time I have rented a Minecraft Server from Aim2Game. As with the first two times, I find myself completely satisfied with every aspect Aim2Game’s Customer Service and Minecraft Server rentals.

Phil, Returning A2G Client

I switched to aim2game nearly 2 months ago. I haven’t regret it since. It has a great connection, No Lag and it is a very cheap provider.

Phil, Current A2G Client